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Medical Answering Service in Glendale, CA

Glendale businesses trust Medical Call Service as an affordable solution for accessing medical answering services, appointment scheduling, and 24-hour, after hours live phone coverage. Operators in reliable medical call centers can speak English and/or Spanish and offer reliable support for doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals seeking HIPAA compliant phone answering services. Let us find you a quote from a qualified medical call center today. Nationwide there are over 5,000 medical answering service providers, and our mission is to make sure you get the service you need and the price you deserve.

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You can save money on your medical answering service by finding the best one for you. The most expensive services charge around $2.25 per phone call answered, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better at meeting customers’ needs or providing quality customer support. On the low end, it can cost closer to $0.83 a call, but it is always important to find an answering service that meets the needs of your company.

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Los Angeles, CA 90010


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