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Bilingual Medical Answering Service – Spanish Call Center Support For Healthcare

Should your medical answering service be able to speak Spanish? According to an analysis of the 2011 American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center, 37.6 million people ages 5 years and older speak Spanish at home. The number of Spanish speakers has grown rapidly in the U.S. in recent decades but how does this affect you? More and more health-care practices are seeking bilingual phone answering services and most call center have begun offering these services for no additional cost. This represents a cultural shift. The shift in attitude has led to U.S. businesses taking the Hispanic community more seriously as a large part of their client base.

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24/7 bilingual call centers for doctors and hospitals means a more comfortable, memorable, and productive experience for patients and colleagues. There is somewhat of an entire untapped client pool when companies are only able to communicate with English speaking customers. By offering multilingual customer services this prevents medical facilities from missing important healthcare information and wins instant rapport with callers. This also allows your virtual receptionist to actively take phone calls from English and Spanish speaking individuals alike.

 Over 100 Customized Spanish Call Service Solutions For Doctors, Including:

  • Dentists
  • Surgeons
  • Chiropractors
  • Physicians
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Family Practitioner
  • Plastic Surgeons

Providing a bilingual call center for Hispanics also improves health care practices image. In addition to your bilingual answering service creating a more professional image this also creates more trust and comfort. With the rising demand for outsourced  bilingual call centers for health care offering such services this increases the chances of your call center being the first choice for anyone looking for your services. The Census Bureau predicts the number of Spanish speakers in the US to rise to approximately 39 to 43 million by the year 2020. Given these demographics no one can afford to overlook this growing market and clientele base.

A Spanish speaking phone answering service for doctors can be your outsourced solution to quickly adding or decreasing staff. Businesses of all sizes undergo change and often this leads to the need for training new staff. By bringing in new, bilingual staff this leaves the core employees to focus on essential medical and healthcare activities. When your services enable other businesses to grow and reach more consumers you are allowing your practice to grow. There is a slow but steady shift because of the lifted language barriers companies across the United States have once faced. One of the fastest growing client pools can easily be reached while opening doors for companies across the U.S.

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