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Connect your callers with cheerful, intelligent receptionists in a medical call center that you can trust. Describe your medical messaging requirements and we’ll get you same day quotes from the nations most respected medical calls centers. Learn More

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We provide your customers with a high quality point of contact that is concerned first and foremost with patient safety, available every hour of every day of the week. When your patients and callers are supported after 24/7 that means the call center is providing the service you rely on. Our organization is experienced at dealing with every type of business that operates in the health care field, including pediatric centers, triage calls, community-based clinics, emergency rooms, and many more. Each virtual receptionist will treat your patients with the care and attention to their well being that you would try and provide them with yourself.

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Medical call centers use the most recently available cutting edge technology to provide the most integrated service possible to your patients. The contact center will ensure that all important messages are relayed to the appropriate parties within your medical practice, and are able to directly provide answers to a wide number of patient inquiries and urgent matters.

Medical Call Center Solutions:

  • Hospitals
  • Triage
  • Ambulance Service
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospice
  • Nursing Homes
  • Family Physicians

At the heart of our organization are health care providers who put patient care at the front and center of every policy that is applied within the medical call center. We think when hiring a medical answering service that the patient-first mentality provides the best possible service to your patients, nurses, and other callers during the hours that your staff is fast asleep.


As experts in medical call center solutions, we feel that it is important that the contact center empowers a staff who are knowledgeable and well trained to provide the best possible service to your patients. We want agents to be able to answer as many of your patient’s questions as they possibly can, and even more importantly, to be able to help callers in a wide variety of simple situations related to obtaining information or scheduling of appointments. We don’t want agents to needlessly transfer calls, put people on hold, or take messages when there is no need to. The goal is to get to the heart of the matter and help every caller in the most immediate, concrete way that it is possible to.

Compare Medical Answering Service Prices Branded

Your medical call center is designed to be agile and flexible so that we can provide you with the service that will provide the most assistance to your practice, in whatever form that takes. Packages are available to fit all different types of coverage needs. In addition, our company prides itself on staying up to date with the latest industry changes so that you are always receiving cutting edge solutions from you call service. Whether it is a regulation change or a new piece of technology that can improve the service that we offer, our organization always strives to connect with only the most reliable inbound call centers that are on the cutting edge in order to provide you with the best possible customer service.


Medical Call Center – Supporting The Healthcare Industry

Medical call center services have emerged as a vital part of the healthcare industry, providing patients with access to trained medical professionals around the clock. These call centers employ healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses and licensed healthcare providers, to answer patient calls and provide medical advice, triage patients, and schedule appointments. In this article, we will explore the various functions and benefits of medical call center services.

Functions of Medical Call Center Services

  1. Medical Advice: Medical call center services provide patients with access to medical advice around the clock. Patients can call the center and speak with a trained medical professional who can assess their symptoms and provide guidance on the appropriate next steps to take. These professionals can provide advice on home remedies or recommend a visit to a healthcare facility if necessary.
  2. Triage: Medical call center services also play an essential role in triaging patients. Medical professionals can assess patients’ symptoms and determine the level of urgency, which helps prioritize care for patients who require immediate attention.
  3. Appointment Scheduling: Medical call center services can help schedule appointments with healthcare providers. This service allows patients to schedule appointments quickly and easily, without having to navigate a complex healthcare system.
  4. Follow-Up: Medical call center services can also provide follow-up calls to patients. This helps ensure that patients are adhering to their treatment plans and receiving the necessary care. Follow-up calls can also help identify any new or worsening symptoms that may require medical attention.

Benefits of Medical Call Center Services

  1. Improved Access to Healthcare: Medical call center services improve access to healthcare by providing patients with immediate access to medical professionals. Patients can call the center at any time, even outside of regular office hours, to receive medical advice and guidance.
  2. Cost Savings: Medical call center services can save patients money by providing advice on home remedies or guiding them to appropriate healthcare facilities. This can prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and other costly medical procedures.
  3. Increased Patient Satisfaction: Medical call center services provide patients with personalized care and support, which can improve patient satisfaction with healthcare services. Patients who have access to medical call center services feel more empowered and informed about their healthcare, which can lead to better health outcomes.
  4. Improved Patient Outcomes: Medical call center services can help improve patient outcomes by providing immediate access to medical care and support. This can prevent serious medical conditions from worsening and ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

Medical call center services are a vital part of the healthcare industry, providing patients with immediate access to medical advice, triage services, appointment scheduling, and follow-up calls. These services improve access to healthcare, save patients money, increase patient satisfaction, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, medical call center services will continue to play an increasingly important role in providing patients with high-quality, personalized healthcare.