How Much Do Medical Answering Services Cost?

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How Much Do Medical Call Center Services Cost

What’s The Cost of a Medical Answering Service?

Calculating the cost of outsourcing your calls to a Medical Call Service is fairly easy if you understand which call center solutions drive rates up and how you can better manage them. To help you discover what impacts pricing you can read the guide below to better understand just how much a medical answering service costs. In short, the average cost of a medical answering service is between $0.79 – $1.39 per call, with prices declining for healthcare facilities requiring higher inbound call volumes. Of course this amount can be reduced or increased based the overall call length and/or the needs of the hospital or doctor’s office. Below is a table to help you calculate the actual cost of hiring a call center to answer your medical calls.


50 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $37 – $55

50 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $49 – $99

50 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $89 – $149

100 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $61 – $88

100 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $95 – $137

100 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $165 – $209

500 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $189 – $269

500 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $425 – $560

500 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $789- $975

Pricing is often considerable reduced with 1,000 calls per month – contact us to discuss the best rates available.

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Exactly How Much Will the Service Cost You?

In most cases you will be offered a 1-2 week free trial. During this period the call center can determine the volume of calls you receive, the duration, and and special needs your practice may have. This data will allows the medical answering service to give you an accurate price quote for future services. It also give you the opportunity to make sure you like to value they bring to your business.

Most call centers bill in time based increments simply because the nature of their business is one that is very labor intensive. For every minute their operator spends on a call with your patients they too are paying a labor cost to their virtual receptionist. However, providers offer flat rate packages and pay as you go (by the call) but those may not be available when costs to provide services exceeds the ability to earn a profit.

What’s a fair price for a medical call service?

On the high-end you can expect to pay a medical answering service about $2.25 per phone call answered, and on the low-end about $0.79 a call. However, more expensive doesn’t always equate to better service, and with that in mind we recommend that you test at least three call centers and ask each one of them for a 1-2 week free trial so you are able to make sure they can fully meet your needs (i.e. appointment setting, answering within 3 rings, etc), and this also allows the contact center to examine your call volumes and give you an accurate quote.

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How does the number of calls affect pricing?

Like many businesses the biggest expense of a contact center for doctors is labor costs. Medical call centers must remain open 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays, and therefore must staff hourly employees even during their ‘downtime’. These employees, understandably, also require health insurance, paid leave, and other standard benefits. So, in the same way a 3 minute taxi ride will cost more than a 20 mile ride, it’s only natural to expect the cost of 200 calls to be greater than that of 50 calls.

How Duration affects the cost of medical call centers

Similar to how the number of calls impacts the cost for service (due to labor costs), so does the average duration of your calls. Some healthcare facilities only need basic information collected on a call (about 45 seconds), while others use the 24×7 answering service to schedule appointments, which can take as long as 3-4 minutes. So a call lasting 45 seconds will cost around $0.65 while another call lasting 3 minutes can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $3.00.

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How Much Does It Cost to Patch / Transfer calls?

The call center will have you forward your lines to either a local phone number, or, if needed, a toll free telephone number. If you’re forwarding your calls to a local phone number transferred calls are generally free, however, if you forward your calls to a toll-free number there will usually be a small fee applied (usually around $10-$30 a month). The reason for this fee is when the call center transfers a call from their toll free number, even though the agents time has ceased,  the phone company still charges a fee for the usage on the toll free number. So, once the call is patched to a nurse or the doctor, that call could last 2 minutes or an hour, and therefore the call center has to estimate this time and bill it accordingly (usually a fixed rate per month or per call transferred).

Is there a cost for the answering service to schedule appointments for doctors?

There usually are no costs for most call centers to schedule appointments if they are using certain popular online calendars like Google calendar. However, some medical offices require operators to use their own in-house appointment scheduling software which requires the contact center to continually train their staff how to use it. Some services will charge a one-time fee of $100, but if the online appointment scheduler is complex that fee could go as high as $125 a month.

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What services are included in the price of a medical answering service?

Not everything cost extra, and in fact most solutions from a phone answering service are built in to the rate. Standard packages include 24/7/365 call support, appointment reminders (when using certain software), message delivery via SMS test, email, or fax, bilingual operators, and more.

Why Use To Get Quotes on Phone Answering Services?

There are two very important reasons why healthcare professionals use Medical Call Service to get quotes on answering services, and that’s time and money. We offer you a free solution to access our affiliates who are some of the nation’s best answering service providers. Simply advise us as to your healthcare facilities call answering needs and we’ll match them up with suppliers that can handle them. Then, you’ll work directly one on one with each call center as they offer up their best price points in hopes of earning your future business. We’ve already done the research so you don’t have to, however, you are never under any obligation, and if you believe you can still find a better call center at a better rate you’ll be free to continue requesting pricing information from their competitors, but we’re betting you won’t need to!

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