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4 Reasons to Hire a Medical Office Answering Service for Your Practice

In addition to medical skills, good service is vital for patient experiences. Learn why you should get a medical office answering service for your practice.

The good news for doctors is that 95% of patients are satisfied with their primary care physicians. However, we should always be striving for better!

It might not seem like much, but your phone services can have a huge impact on patient satisfaction with your practice. Many physicians don’t realize this, but a medical office answering service can make a significant difference.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a medical call answering service.

1. They’re Available 24/7

Most likely, you and your staff work standard 8-hour shifts. Even if they’re a bit extended, there’s almost no possible way that there’s someone manning the phones 24 hours a day.

24 Hour Answering Service

However, it’s entirely possible with an after-hours answering service for medical offices. These services are literally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You won’t have to worry about patients being unhappy that they’re unable to reach a live person. You and your staff can clock out without any anxiety that after-hours patients will be frustrated when they call.

2. They Offer Bilingual Spanish Services

Did you know that over 43 million people in the US speak Spanish as their first language? There are quite a few native Spanish speakers in our nation and not enough services that cater to them.

Spanish Speaking Answering Services

Are you located somewhere where many of your patients speak Spanish? Are you lacking when it comes to bilingual staff? Then a medical office phone answering service can certainly help!

The next time a Spanish-speaking patient calls, they won’t get lost and confused. Instead, a helpful and friendly agent will speak their language and point them in the right direction.

3. They Can Reduce Appointment Cancellations and No-Shows

If your medical office has a lot of cancellations and no-shows, it can be frustrating. Not only does it waste your time, but it also loses you revenue.

A medical calling service can actually help you significantly reduce those instances by sending out reminders. These are sent out by either text message or email, and reminder calls can also be made a day before the appointments.

Live receptionist support

An added benefit is that a medical office answering service can also schedule appointments should your staff be overwhelmed by calls. The overflow is simply forwarded to the service and the friendly agents can then schedule these appointments for you.

4. They’re HIPAA-Compliant

The best thing about using a medical office answering service is that they’re HIPAA-compliant. This means that both you and your patients won’t have to worry about their data being used in an unethical manner.

Hire a Medical Office Answering Service Today

Now that you know all the benefits of having a medical office answering service, you might’ve realized that your medical practice needs one.

In that case, you’ll find what you need with Medical Call Service. Our agents will give all of your patient’s personalized care and attention so they feel listened to. Our services will keep your patients happy and returning to your practice for the foreseeable future.

Get started now by requesting a quote from us. All our quotes are free!

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