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Reliable Call Answering Services For Healthcare Facilities

Dependable and trusted call answering support that connects your healthcare callers with compassionate, intelligent receptionists.  Describe you’re  answering service needs  your health care practice require and we’ll get you same day quotes from the nation’s most reliable medical calls centers. Request Information

Medical Call Service offers solutions for physicians, surgeons, cardiologist, dermatologists, and beyond.

When a patient calls one of their health care providers, they deserve to know that their request will be handled in a professional manner, that they will get the help that they are requesting, and that their confidential information will remain private and secure as required under the law. When you hire an answering service for the healthcare industry, you ensure that your patients will be getting exactly that.

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HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provides the tight regulations needed to ensure that patient information and privacy is always protected. Additional expansions and additional regulations such as HI-TECH and Omnibus have further strengthened the legal protections provided to your patient’s private information. These protections are wonderful for patients, allowing them to securely and safely seek the medical help they need without fear of their information ever becoming compromised. However, they carry with them a burden that must be met by the healthcare industry.

Call Service Solutions For Healthcare:

  • Medical Offices
  • Wellness Centers
  • General Practice
  • Emergency Services
  • Outpatient Services

As a HIPAA compliant answering service that serves the healthcare industry, it is the  responsibility of the call center to ensure that all regulations are followed in every communication with your patients. By protecting your patient’s health care information and legal rights, we are also protecting your organization. When you do business with a company that doesn’t train each and every agent properly, while also providing the tools to be regulatory adherent all times, you’re putting your patients, and your company, at risk.

One of the most important considerations for healthcare answering services when it comes to privacy regulations is how Protected Health Information (PHI) is transmitted. Obviously, one important function of a healthcare industry phone answering service is to get the appropriate messages to the right healthcare providers. Under the new regulations, many methods that were employed by answering services in the past are no longer approved as secure methods for PHI transmission.

Our organization and affiliates deploys the latest technology that is 100% adherent to all privacy regulations. This means that any electronic communication must be properly encrypted or password protected. Required logs are maintained to ensure that every transmission of information is properly documented.

It is important to realize that PHI can be sent in a way that is regulatory adherent, convenient, and totally secure. Methods like SMS and email can still be used when the proper protections are put in place by an answering service who understands the present demands of the healthcare industry.

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