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Medical Answering Service Pricing | Calculate the Cost in 2021

If your healthcare practice is considering having a medical answering service handle your phone calls, you may be asking how much does a medical answering service cost?


50 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $37 – $55

50 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $49 – $99

50 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $89 – $149

100 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $61 – $88

100 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $95 – $137

100 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $165 – $209

500 CALLS – Average call duration 30 seconds: $189 – $269

500 CALLS – Average call duration 1.25 minutes: $425 – $560

500 CALLS – Average call duration 2.00 minutes: $789- $975

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When you’re looking for a medical answering service, there are many different price structures to consider. Whether your company needs 24-hour coverage or just daily call management after hours, the type of plan that’s right for them will depend on their specific needs and budget requirements. Remember not all providers offer services in every category so it pays off research thoroughly before committing any time.

Flat Rate Medical Answering Service Cost

Flat rate billing can be attractive at first because it’s easy to understand and offers the potential for low rates. However, when you factor in how many minutes your company will use each cycle if flat-rate pricing becomes necessary (and there are usually higher minimums), then this option isn’t so great anymore.

Affordable Phone Answering For Doctors

Nation Average Cost: $140 a month

Pros and Cons:

  • Consistent monthly bills.
  • No surprise fees.
  • You must select a program with a predetermined amount of call volume. Overage calls are billed separately.
  • Agents are likely to be rushed to conclude the call in order to capitalize on profits.
  • Service quality may be diminished.

This option is not generally widely available from most call centers for obvious reasons. Call centers have high payroll expenses for operators, and companies that took advantage of a flat rate medical answering service could very easily put the call center and the poor house.

Call centers with flat-rate pricing often find themselves unable to scale up and handle peak volumes. This is a catalyst for high holds times, dispatch errors in general quality degradation – which can be avoided by using variable rate structures instead of fixed prices.

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Pay by the Minute Medical Call Answering

Medical answering services can be expensive and frustrating when you’re not sure if your provider is trying to take advantage of the situation. With a pay per minute used in medical answering service bills you for the operators time. So theoretically if an operator spends three minutes on the phone with one of your callers, you are billed for three minutes.


Nation Average Cost: $1.09 a minute

It’s important to understand the different ways a minute can be defined when it comes down to medical answering services. For example, does talk time only include the actual time where the operator is on the phone? How about wrap-up or administration work that needs to be completed during an incoming call as well as hold times between calls being answered by another member of staff who has been trained in these skills too? Are minutes rounded off at closest second interval – meaning someone takes 60 seconds out their day just so we can all stay connected together without interruption; Or do they calculate and sum into 6-, 12- 18 second increments?

There is much more than meets first sight: Extra fees may add up quickly if not monitored closely enough.

Pros and Cons:

  • You only pay for operator time used.
  • If you keep the script short to the point your bill can be lower.
  • Monthly bills will not be consistent.
  • Some call centers are still separately for work outside of the actual part-time.
  • Agents may be encouraged to spend more time on a call.
  • The cost for a call can be more.
  • Supplemental fees can add up quickly

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Pay Per Call Medical Answering Service Pricing

The pay by the call medical answering service pricing model helps your organization optimize how it staffs and manages communications. This consumption-based approach measures billable calls in units, which can be defined as specific events like inbound calls or messages sent through to a patient’s inboxes; outgoing messages from them back onto other parts of the world for response/resolution purposes – these are all part 1 type activities on this scale. Events might also come down to something more subjective such as having received faxes during their shift so they should add up together with every instance where there was some kind of interaction between us (the company) while we were working together.

Discounts on Answering Service

Nation Average Cost: $1.52 per call

With per call pricing, a 5-minute phone call is billed as 1 call. As such, medical answering service providers are encouraged to train their employees efficiently while assuming some of the risk associated with caller difficulty and ensuring costs remain contained in order for quality services not to be compromised; that’s why it is the most cost-effective formula based on organizations’ needs.

Pros and Cons:

  • Billing will vary every month based on call volume.
  • If your calls tend to last long you’ll save money.
  • Call volume has no impact on the quality of service
  • Reporting in billing are easily interpreted
  • Supplemental charges are nonexistent

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