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High Call Volume and How an Answering Service Can Help Medical Offices

Did you know that poor customer service threatens $4.7 trillion in revenue loss for US businesses annually? Customers are sensitive about how businesses treat them, so you should achieve satisfaction. As a medical practitioner, an answering service helps you manage customer service.

Rest assured, clients will call all the time. Some callers seek clarification and others have emergencies, so all calls are important. To give your medical practice an edge in the market, you should attend to each of their concerns.

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Considering your schedule is tight, handling every caller is overwhelming. It gets harder when there’s a high call volume, but the right answering service can help manage the situation. As a result, an answering service optimizes communications, thus helping your business profit.

Are you struggling to meet high call volume demands? If yes, you need to hire an answering service. Continue reading to learn about high call volumes and how an answering service helps.

What Is High Call Volume?

Call volume is the amount of phone calls your business line gets within a specific period.

Suppose your dental practice gets 50 client calls each day; that’s your call volume. Anything above or below normal is termed high or low call volume, respectively.

A high call volume starts at barely above 10% of the standard call rate. It sounds like a piece of cake, right? Sometimes, these figures skyrocket to about 5 times the usual volume – this can be catastrophic.

Causes of High Call Volume

A high call volume for your business gets easily interpreted as business growth. Well, if you use the chance well, you might grow your customer base, but so are your chances for a downfall.

There are numerous reasons why high call volume exists, including:

Seasonal Spikes

Seasons are times of the year when the dentist’s busy. An example is in August, as people schedule dental check-ups before school starts. You’ll find that everyone’s calling to set an appointment simultaneously.

Marketing Mishaps

You might have missed something when placing your advertisement. Customers are quick to note such issues and will likely call with questions that need answers.

Internal Problems

A poorly trained staff can cause high call volume if they can’t meet clients’ needs the first time. If the customers keep calling, you get a backlog of calls you have to deal with.

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Impact of High Call Volume on Your Business

Mishandling the high call volume issue can hurt the business in various ways like:

• Poor customer experience

• Damage to the brand image

• Customer turnover

• Eroded customer loyalty

These are only a few of the possible impacts of high call volume on your business. All of them point to costing your dental practice revenue. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Hiring an answering service is the closest you’ll come to solving your problems. Here are some ways that an outstanding answering service can help you overcome.

Lessen the Load and Increase Productivity

Hearing the phone ring can be a massive distraction at work. By taking over the phone conversations, the answering service helps you focus.

Although answering the phones personally brings you closer to customers, it’s time-consuming. You might focus on chasing down each penny that you overlook clients you already have. That can have severe repercussions since it translates to poor customer service.

Answering services handle the calls, so you’re left with serving the clients. You’ll also feel the weight off your shoulder when you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Maximize Every Opportunity

You know how you’re always missing calls when you experience a high call volume. Imagine that each ring is an opportunity to grow, so you miss out big. An answering service can help you capitalize on each available opportunity.

Phone calls today for businesses are high in value and full of opportunities. Reports indicate that callers influence more than $1 trillion in US consumer spending. Your big break might be among the callers you’d likely miss if not for answering services.

Working with an answering service means that you never miss out on a call. Therefore, you’ll know of deals that can change your dental practice entirely. Maximizing such chances will take your career to new heights through handling customer service.

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Representatives Maintain Brand Consistency

How important is your brand to you? I bet it means everything. You need an answering service to help you maintain brand consistency.

You want your brand to give an impression every time a client is on the other end of a call. Answering service experts specialize in maintaining a professional image for the clients.

You can also let them know what to say every time a specific question is asked. As a result of the brand consistency, you position your medical practice above the rest.

Patients Enjoy 24-Hour Service

After you clock out from the office, you and your team deserve the opportunity to unwind. However, client calls rarely stop, and you’d have a hard time denying them if they call your cell. Answering services help you achieve a work/life balance by offering 24-hour service.

Your clients will enjoy a friendly reception when they call, regardless of when they give you a ring. As a result, the answering service delivers a better customer experience. In turn, your brand is associated with invaluable customer satisfaction.

Answering services filter the calls and only forward the emergencies to your cell. You can therefore live life stress-free knowing your clients are getting cared for properly.

You Now Know the Benefits of an Answering Service

Handling a high call volume doesn’t always have to be stressful. Hiring an answering service is key to managing your brand while enjoying every aspect of life. The above guide contains information on how an answering service can help.

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