On Call Doctors Answering Service – 24 Hour Call Coverage Anyone Can Afford

On Call Answering Service For DoctorsDoes your doctor’s office need an on call answering service? Here’s what you need to know to get amazing 24 hour call coverage, and great prices.

Doctors spend most of their careers responding to medical emergencies and patients’ concerns. As a doctor, you should be available when patients need you.

Responding to the calls during your operating hours can be difficult due to busy schedules. Instead of putting your reputation on the line, you can outsource answering service. It’s considerably cheaper than you may realize.

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How Are Answering Services Beneficial to Doctors?

Answering services for doctors offer you diverse call options suited to your practice area.

They also answer your calls, undertake certain business processes promptly and take messages. You can count on such a service to save time and money needed to maintain a reputation.

Discussed below are other benefits of an on-call answering service to doctors.

1. Filter and Redirect Calls Faster

Getting a high number of patient calls is quite normal for a doctor. However, putting some of your patients on hold as you attend to each one of them can be disastrous for your practice.

Note that people tend to be impatient during times of emergency. A telephone answering service can help filter and redirect important calls to you instead of putting them on hold.

2. Help in Time Management

With the right time management strategies, a physician can have time to meet with family, relax or travel. However, since medical emergencies are unpredictable, physicians need to have their phones on all the time.

A medical answering service can offer support to the callers on lightweight issues.

The service can also transfer urgent calls to doctors thus helping them capitalize on time.

3. Lead to Cost Savings

Cost SavingsResponding to less important calls can take the time needed to handle profitable tasks. Hiring additional staff to respond to patients’ calls also proves to be a costly endeavor.

On call medical answering services allow you to spend fewer employee costs and reduce potential liability. They also eliminate the need of hiring a receptionist to answer calls at each of your offices.

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4. Increase Efficiency and Profitability

An after-hours answering service allows your loyal clients to reach your company in times of need. The service enables you to attend to the patients’ needs as they come hence increasing efficiency.

With efficiency increased in your clinic, it’s easier for you to generate more revenue and make profits. Your clients won’t have to worry about reaching out to you for medical help.

5. Improve Patient Privacy

Choosing a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service helps increase patient privacy. Consider choosing a call answering provider that’s trustworthy when it comes to handling patient records.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) stresses the need to monitor and safeguard these records.

6. Create More Satisfying Patient Experiences

Having a phone answering service respond to your patients’ calls when you’re busy can improve their satisfaction. The on call answering provider can reduce the time your clients wait for their calls to be received.

You’ll also offer expert help to patients with the most urgent needs. Your staff will have adequate time to handle critical tasks and improve service delivery.

7. Safeguard Your Medical Practice

Civil or criminal lawsuits against medical practitioners are very common these days. You can protect yourself from disbarment by outsourcing a medical answering service.

Calls made through the service will always be time-stamped and recorded for future reference. You’ll get to retrieve them in an accurate form when the need arises.

8. Improve Productivity During Emergency Situations

Improve ProductivityYour phone line should be open when a disaster strikes to address employee and patient needs. Disasters such as power outages, hurricanes and flooding can affect your ability to respond to calls.

A live answering service can update your patients and employees regarding your emergency situation.

Call providers usually use text or pre-recorded text message for the emergency communication.

9. Comply with the Medicare Requirements

The government requires hospitals to meet the strict Medicare guidelines. One of these guidelines involves conducting outbound education and verification (OEV).

For the OEV calls, you need an on call answering system for contacting new enrollees and answering the enrollees’ questions.

The system should help you document the OEV response rates, responses and progress.

Guide to Choosing On Call Answering Services for Doctors

Medical answering services come in various options for the needs of a medical practitioner or facility.

They also have competitive rates and use cutting-edge technologies to handle more calls. The operatives can handle simple inquires made by your patients.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing one.

1. Type of Answering Service

Medical answering services can be suited for emergency calls, customer service or first point of call.

The ones suited for emergency calls help your patients get the help needed during disaster and emergency situations. You can use the customer service ones to give your existing patients information according to their requests.

You can also seek a virtual receptionist service to respond to the first-time customers trying to reach you.

2. Pricing Model

The pricing model adopted by a phone answering provider should meet your budget. Consider signing up for a flexible plan to get value from every cent spent on the calls.

Take time to review different payment plans before choosing one that suits you.

3. Ability to Scale Up

Your call answering provider should have the resources needed to cater to your patients’ demands when they increase.

Your clinic can tremendously grow thus increasing the number of patients that need your medical services. Ensure that the chosen provider has the on call answering solutions catered to the growing needs of your clinic.

You should also hire the provider after evaluating your future growth and expansion goals.

Register for an On Call Answering Service for Doctors Today

Call answering services for doctors prove to help you effectively serve your patients. Their outcomes can make a difference in your clinic especially if your goal is to achieve patient satisfaction.

Always remember that a medical answering service goes beyond answering your calls when you’re not working.

Take a step to selecting the most ideal answering service today. Our work is to connect thousands of medical specialists including doctors to a reliable answering service.

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