Ways A Healthcare Service Can Boost The Level Of Its Customer Service

Ways A Healthcare Service Can Boost The Level Of Its Customer ServiceToday, patientcare is technology-enabled with different points of engagement being used by the healthcare industry. Customers look for information about diseases and healthcare services on the internet and they even book appointments online through mobile apps or through websites. Similarly, they want high levels of self-service experience in the form of appointment confirmations, health tips, and health reminders. This means that healthcare service providers will have to work harder and smarter to provide superior service to their customers across various technology-based engagement points such as email, text, websites, and mobile apps. However, there are still some customers who are not tech-savvy and want to speak to customer care representatives over the phone and this is what gives healthcare service providers an additional responsibility to make sure that they deliver superior customer service across different channels.

Delivering consistent service across all channels is a crucial part of ensuring superior customer experience. You have to understand that customers who contact you for assistance are not in a normal state of mind. If a customer chooses a certain channel to communicate with you and you change the channel to avoid some problems, then it is most likely that your customer will feel frustrated and he may even stop availing your service. For example, if a customer contacts you via an online channel and you had to ask him to complete the interaction via a different channel, then chances are that the client will have to repeat sharing everything that he had already shared and wait for a long time before a customer care representative contacts him. You can handle this situation by integrating multiple channels and by ensuring that a live answering service employee has details of all previous transactions and that he understands why the customer has called him.

You can devise a proactive customer service strategy to promote client retention. As part of this initiative, you may send proactive messages about appointment confirmation, test report updates, or educational information to your patients to engage them in interactions and to promote customer loyalty. You may provide general information such as business hours, routes to your clinic, parking-related details, and new events that may be coming up. You may also provide vital information about insurance before your patients visit your clinic. You may send reminders to patients before their scheduled appointment time to allow them to stick to their schedules. This way, you will not only reduce the wait-times of doctors and patients, but you will also reduce your front office workload.

Create a customer interaction repository and make it accessible to all customer care executives so that they know the clients’ background and their journey. This will allow them to forecast a customer’s request and respond to it with quality service.

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