Are Your Patients Complaining About Being on Hold? We Have the Solution

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Customer service is essential for a successful medical practice. When you have excellent service, 86% of people will turn from one-time clients into long-term ones. Increasing customer retention even by a small 5% can help you increase your profits from 25% to 95%.

You want to make sure that your patients are satisfied with the level of customer service you offer. You don’t want your patients complaining about the hold times at your medical office or healthcare practice.


Are you keeping your patients on hold for too long? Rather than losing your patients, you can ensure that all calls are answered on time with the right medical answering service. Keep on reading to find out how you can benefit from this solution.

Why Don’t You Want to Keep Your Patients on Hold?

People hate being on hold. It is frustrating and leads to appointment cancellations and no-shows. If it is difficult to get a hold of healthcare professionals, your patients will consider other options. Most people are not willing to wait even a minute for customer service.

When patients hang up on you, they could be calling to book an appointment or cancel an appointment. Rather than managing your schedule, you could end up with a bunch of no-shows that would cost you time and money.

Patients that get better customer service are calmer and less agitated. They are more open to suggestions. They are also more likely to come back for more service and be loyal customers in the long run.


Solution: Get an Answering Service

The solution to this problem of keeping patients on hold for too long is finding the right medical answering service. With this solution, you can answer all your calls on time, so your patients are never on hold for too long. You get 24/7 emergency service, so you are always available.

Your medical answering service will help you book appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments and even send appointment reminders. They will be able to handle a higher volume of calls, so your patients’ calls will be answered quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Medical Answering Service

There are several benefits to a medical answering service. If you have a high volume of office calls, you can take advantage of these benefits, improve your reputation, and increase patient satisfaction.

Decrease On-Hold Time

The first and most important benefit is to decrease the on-hold time for patients. It’s clear that patients are not tolerant and will not wait when they are put on hold. They have busy lives, and you want to make sure that they understand that you value their time.

No Missed Calls

By having a 24/7 answering, you won’t have any missed calls. There will always be someone on the other side ready to answer any questions that the patient might have.

Reduce No Shows

When your patients are able to speak with someone immediately, they can cancel or reschedule appointments easily. With the right answering service, you can even send appointment reminders reducing the number of no-shows that you have. Doing so allows you to save money by using your time more efficiently.

Efficient Use of Employee Time

Your employees have a busy work schedule. By using a medical answering service, you are delegating simple administrative tasks. This opens up your employee’s time so that they can spend it doing something more valuable, helping you grow your practice and improving your service.

Increase Profits

Using an answering service allows you to increase your profits because you won’t need to spend as many resources on staffing your reception. You will not need a full-time employee or an overnight schedule for emergency calls. An answering service will do a better job than a single employee because they can handle a higher volume of calls.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

You will be improving patient satisfaction by meeting their needs. Once your patients are satisfied, they will keep coming back because they know that you are reliable and available.

Help Scheduling Appointment

Your employees could spend all their time scheduling appointments. Rather than wasting your employee’s time and energy when they could be doing more important tasks, you could simply hire an answering service to schedule appointments.

No Automated Robot

With an answering service, your patients will speak with a live person. A chatbot or a recorded message is frustrating when you have a specific question. Pressing a hundred buttons just to speak with someone is not how patients want to spend their time.

Your patients are not looking to return a piece of clothing they bought. With health concerns, speaking to a live person makes a huge difference in their outlook and attitude.

Deal With Emergencies

An emergency medical service is essential for any healthcare practice. In any other business, an emergency does not mean life or death. In your business, it could mean substance abuse, suicidal attempts, or other life-threatening issues.

When you use a 24/7 emergency medical service, you can help your patients no matter what time they need help. You can direct them to the right people at any time and show them that you care.

Offer Bilingual Services

Finding an employee that speaks English, Spanish and French to answer your calls is difficult. But many answering services offer bilingual services. They may even offer translation services in many other languages so your patients can feel comfortable and heard.

Don’t Keep Patients on Hold Anymore

Keeping your patients on hold is affecting your reputation and leaving them annoyed and frustrated. The solution to this problem is finding the right medical answering service to answer all your calls. Now you also know all the benefits that can help your healthcare practice retain and engage your patients.

Are you wondering what the right answering service is for you? Let us do all the work for you and get a free answering service quote today. We can help you compare quotes and find the right service for your healthcare practice.


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